Retailers & Dealers

Retailers and Dealers of any home improvement products (from flooring and paint to countertops and furtniture) can greatly benefit from the Virtual Room Designer by showcasing products within a setting of their customers’ choosing and allowing customers to determine which products are more suited for their needs without having to struggle to visualize the end result. This process inspires customers, assists them with reaching a decision, boosts their confidence in the selection of your products, and reduces your costs by reducing product returns and virtually eliminating demand for product samples. 

Informative Decisions with Confidence

The Room Designer’s applications are virtually endless. It can be used for many types of products such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, paint, furniture, siding, roofing, windows and any other interior and exterior products. Customers can configure entire rooms using not only the products sold in your store but also in combination with other décor elements found in their homes or offices. They are in control. This allows for informative visual decisions and coordination of styles and colors by your customers in a virtual environment from the convenience of you store or their homes.

Easy In-Store Configuration

Without a Virtual Room Designer, customers literally have to walk through an entire store or flip through an entire catalog to view and evaluate all available styles, finishes, and colors of your product. What’s worse – they have to do it in their head, something that most people would struggle with and would have little confidence about the decision that they reach.

The Virtual Room Designer eliminates the need for customers to visualize what their home or office will look like with your products in place. Instead, they will know exactly what it will look like. By using the Virtual Room Designer’s user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, customers can configure a room of their choice to match colors and styles with confidence. This will improve customers’ shopping experience, reduce the amount of time it takes to narrow down choices and make a final purchasing decision, and ensure customers’ overall satisfaction with the result and with the process.

Saving & Sharing Ideas

Most home improvements decisions involve more than one person. Often spouses, family members and friends participate in the decision making process. The Virtual Room Designer allows the customer to save, email, and print the design ideas that they create so that they can review them at later time and share them with any other parties involved in the process. This greatly improves their ability to share and discuss product choices with everyone involved or even with other customers. It also reduces the amount of time and effort required to reach a decision.

Product Sales & Marketing

Our Virtual Room Designer software is the most natural way to market and sell your products. When your customers make informative visual decisions with confidence – there is no need for you to sell. Think of our software as a virtual mega store with a built-in consultant, designer, architect and installer/subcontractor, all assisting your customer with realizing their dreams and visions. Combine this with expertise of your sales staff and a comfort of customers’ homes to review and share their visions, and you have a perfect sales and marketing tool that cannot not be replaced with anything else!

Market Research & Analysis

The Virtual Room Designer collects information and statistics relating to viewed, saved and shared product choices. This allows you to stay ahead of a competition by analyzing customers’ popular product choices and preferences in real time, without actual product purchases. Not only will our software provide you an invaluable insight into public’s view of your products but it can also help with determining individual customer’s preferences and tastes to close a sale. For example, a retailer that has a list of products that a customer configured from home may decide to offer a discount on those particular products to that particular customer in order to entice them to make the purchase.