Our cutting-edge Virtual Room Designer is built with one task in mind: to create the most realistic and inspiring virtual environment in which customers can preview, choose and purchase your home improvement products (such as flooring, paint, countertops, furniture, siding, roofing, etc.).   The software is designed and supported by Intechnic Corporation – a leading Chicago-based web development company with over 10 years of experience.

Improve Conversion & Sales

This software will engage, inspire and motivate your customers to design and to create.  The virtual environment allows for experimenting with colors, materials and textures, at no risk to your customers and low cost to you.  This will result in improved customer confidence, reduced cost of sale, better customer conversion and overall increase in your bottom line.

Flexibility & Performance

The Virtual Room Designer is powerful, yet flexible.  It works with the full range of home improvement interior and exterior products.  You can even add your own custom settings (rooms, houses, etc.) allowing your customers to select the style and setting that best fits their budget, preferences and requirements.

Generate Return Traffic

Having this tool on your website will organically generate return traffic to your site.  Customers will repeatedly come back to use your Virtual Room Designer.  Your customers will also be more likely to share their design ideas with others (though the e-mail feature), generating even more traffic to your website that can eventually be converted into sales.

Powerful Sales Tool

In addition to many exiting features, your customers can save, e-mail and print their designs, making the Virtual Room Designer an ultimate tool for any home improvement project.  When saving or e-mailing their selections, there is an option of capturing customers’ preferences and contact information for sales and marketing purposes.