Technology & Delivery

Online-based Approach

Our Virtual Room Designer is entirely web-based.  This means that you can deliver all of its features to your customers directly from your website.  This tool is seamlessly integrated into your website so that your customers never have to leave it. There is no software to install or download and your customers will always enjoy the latest version of the software without any need to upgrade. As a matter of fact, you will automatically receive the latest features and upgrades free of charge.

Cutting-edge Technology

Virtual Room Designer is based on Adobe Flash™ technology. Utilizing Flash™, we can deliver interactive and highly-visual applications that harness the power of multimedia while maximizing performance.  It is supported by all browsers and operating systems so that you can rest assured that every single customer with a computer and an Internet connection will be able to enjoy this tool. 

Other Media

Optionally, the tool can also be delivered through other media (such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) and can also be used on large screens or kiosks in a retail or tradeshow environment.